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Kendall SummerHawk, Proud Owner of Corcu

"I am thrilled with the experience of purchasing my new horse from Jacqueline Macdonald Cuddy of JMac Dressage! I live across country, yet the entire process was smooth and simple. At every step of the way Jacqui was professional, honest, open and organized. She was easy to talk with and responsive to all of my emails, questions and needs. I can highly recommend buying a horse from Jacqui, or having her find one for you as she has a great eye for exceptional quality horses!"

Thank You So Much!
Kendall SummerHawk


Karen Licciardi- Dressage Trainer/Instructor/Dressage Judge

I have known Jacqueline Cuddy, this amazing person for the past 5 years. I have worked side by side both personally and professionally. She has been my horse trainer/Instructor and is now my friend. I have learned so much from her through the years. She is so very talented in many ways, with an amazing ability to "read" horse's and know what they need. The horses' she works with become better athletes. She gives them confidence by training them without fear, they always end up giving her the extra mile. They just seem to trust her and know that she will not them down.

Dressge Rider TestimonialDuring Training, she teaches them by showing them with as much repetition as they need so that they can accomplish in a happy way, the horse is allowed to explore all of the possibilities and are quite proud of what they can do once the realize it.

If my horse's could saddle themselves up, they would because the horse's love to work for her.

She is patient and firm at the same time, knowing how hard to push them at all times.

Jacqui is open minded and is always willing to learn new things, she will always go the extra mile for anyone who believes in her.

I personally have been blessed by her work and friendship. She has helped me train several horses and we have had great success. As a friend I know that I can always count on her to be there unconditionally and non judgmental too.

The last thing, she is always honest in her teaching in order to help you grow. She has inspired me to be a better person and I am lucky to have her around me and my horses. She is a true treasure!

- Karen Licciardi

How can one person be so talented--self taught equine nutritionalist, skilled equine message therapist, and unbelievable dressage trainer? Every horse at Jacqueline and Liam's stable have all aspects of their life balanced. No part of their daily schedule is too insignificant to address. Jacqueline is so willing to share all her secrets of dressage riding and training. She rides every step along with you and your horse directing as necessary. Learning to be a great dressage rider takes a coach like Jacqueline to help you learn all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together to realize your dream. Remember "It's All About the Love" as Jacqueline shows us in her book.

- Linda Steadman

"In addition to being a great teacher, Jacqui is also knowledgeable about massage therapy for the equine athlete. She can work on a horse and find the tight or restricted areas of the muscle fascia. When these areas are released, the horse is more balanced and relaxed allowing it to perform better. I have had her work on my horse and the results were seen the next day when I rode him. His movements were more free and relaxed. It was overall a very beneficial experience for my horse and I wholeheartedly recommend it to others."

- Kristine Brock


These are reviews from: Its All About The Love: Horse training for all Horses, Eventers, Dressage, Show Jumping and Instructional Flat Work.

To read such a detailed insight of ones' dreams and desire to succeed, is totally inspirational. Excellent. well worth purchasing.- Den

I found this book to be fun to read and very interesting. It was fascinating to see the growth of the author from a young horse lover to a seasoned professional trainer, who has lived in much of the world. It was heartwarming to feel the bond between her and her horse that supported them through some extended challenges that every horse owner fears. I found the training information to be very eye opening giving me an entirely new perspective of contact, seat and thoroughness. After reading the book, I tried some of the techniques and found them to be of benefit to my horse and I. I would highly recommend this book and look forward to her next one.- Patricia

A candid, heartfelt, honest, right to the point and facts of what it is all about to be in the equine world for pleasure or in competition. An amazing instructor, one that has the humility to talk about her difficulties and the strength to find the right solutions to her problems by inviting you to do the same and not telling you. She has walked the same mile that she is encouraging you to journey because "It's all about the love" of horses. Her instructions and training are guidelines to begin your own honest training and self evaluation, the horse will not lie. She teaches by example. A little pink book to refer to at the end of a frustrating practice. I highly recommend this book, it was very useful to me.- Joanne

I found this book to be well written, clear, crisp and interesting. In fact, fun to read. The author gives you some great tools for the basic training of all horses. The book actually covers some new and different applications for dressage and will help any reader perfect the union between horse and rider. She emphasizes the use of position and body language as primary aids, and her means of correction are not aggressive but kind and tactful. She offers the horse a way to redirect its energy. You will be amazed at how much new material this author brings to the table and how your partnership will grow to be a better one.- D. Hampton

I had a great time reading this book! I was particularly interested in the instructional riding techniques so I started with the last three chapters. I tried the "spirit level" and love it! After reading the book from the beginning, I read the final chapters again. This book is one of the best riding lessons I've ever had and I found it lovely to read a true story from an author who has genuine passion for horses and teaching. I received huge insight into the correct techniques of balance. Thank you.- Deb

When I first saw this book I thought, oh, another girl loves horse story, BUT was I wrong. Reading this book has helped me help me help my horse more than I can say here. Jackie's insights on training, and perspective of looking at problems from a different angle are eye opening. Her training tips on balance of the rider and helping the horse be the best he can be are illuminating. This book is great for any rider of any discipline and has wonderful ideas for every riding instructor. Plus it's simply a great read.- Cahill

This author is great! Very well written I enjoyed the first seven chapters. I love horses and even though I am not a rider I could be after the well written instruction by Jacqueline. I cried the first few chapters. Definitely pulls at your heart strings. Horses are such beautiful creatures and my first riding experience was scary. I think the horse sensed that too. I have such admiration for the author. She is very strong willed and amazing. So you have to read the book for yourself. I am very honored to have such an amazing Aunt and read about her life story.- Susan

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was inspiring to be able to share the journey with the author. Definitely worth the read.- Preston

A very fun & easy read from someone who is a true horse lover. I really enjoyed the stories from her first pony to the beloved Benson, and was truly inspired by the training techniques. A must read for any horse person, you won't regret it.- Sandra

For more information on how Jacqui can help you and your horse reach your dressage training goals visit our contact page and contact Jacqui for more information.

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My horse,Quinn, and I had the pleasure of meeting Jacqui recently. I heard from my friends how she helped their horses after classic vet treatments were not helpful. I was hopeful she could help Quinn. His stifle would lock and we had been going down hill the past 2 years. He seemed healthy in all other respects and tried to do as I asked. We were more and more on the forehand and with less and less impulsion. Well, Jacqui started at his head and worked her way down. In just a few minutes his head was down and his eyes were relaxed, this felt good. When she completed the treatment he looked physically different. His back was rounder as though he had put weight along his spine.

She said to get on him as she wanted to see him move. As soon as I was on his back I could feel that he was even on both sides. We always leaned to the left which I thought was me collapsing on my right, as I had heard before from my instructor. Well, it wasn't me. It was him. Then we moved Forward, with impulsion, WOW. We hadn't had that in a long time. He felt very relaxed and free moving. Quinn and I were both very pleased with the results. I am sure Quinn will need some more adjustments in the future; at least until he gets fit again. It is so nice to have my horse back again. Thank you Jacki. Sincerely, Karen and Quinn

- Karen I. Miller

Jacqui Macdonald Cuddy is a professional "horse healer". She brings skills and knowledge to her work that are applicable to any equine discipline. More than that, she knows what an equine athlete is feeling and thinking; she possesses that sixth sense.

- A. R. Cohen, Racing and Breeding Manager, Earle I. Mack LLC

Adopting a horse, you will learn all about yourselves. A horse has this ability to get under your skin and teach you humility by defeat when there is a lack of understanding , and pride by learning through achievements ,because a horse is all about the truth and the journey to get there.
You cannot pretend or lie to a horse, it feels your deepest thoughts. Jacqui took me and my kids through defeat and into pride. There was not an obstacle while riding or in life, that we couldn't face after her teachings. One of Caroline's many achievements


Thanks Jacqui for everything!

- Joanne Ross

My name is John Brown, I am an International Show Jumper, from Scotland, now living in Florida, USA. I was first introduced to Jacqueline Macdonald Cuddy by a good friend of mine, Liam Cuddy, who had spoken highly about the results he had after Jacqueline had worked on his horse using Healing Hands.

This is a form of Neuro Muscular, Myofascial and Massage manipulation. I have found that horses that work hard often get sore, they are athletes, muscles can become tight and may restrict movement.

I had Jacqui work on some of my horses and have to say that I am delighted with the results, I will keep my horses on a monthly schedule with her.

Her uncanny ability to help the horse's is probably due to the fact that she teaches and trains horse's in Dressage, a rider that is in tune with the horses movement , it just all works. I highly recommend that you give her a try, and not just because she is from Scotland too!

- John Brown

I recently began spending the winters in Ocala, Florida. This year I brought my horse with me. I began to look for a Dressage Trainer on the Internet. After I had researched and tried another Trainer who did not work out, I found Jacqui Cuddy and began to train with her in December 2011. I find Jacqui to be a very skillful and empathetic trainer.

She is like a well trained surgeon and goes about her teaching in a way that puts things together. She adept at locating "holes" in the horses training and works diligently to help the rider and the horse move through the levels in a systematic way.

I began with my horse at Training Level and in three months time we are working on Second Level movements. I also have Fibromyalgia and Jacqui is great at cheering me on when I come to a difficult spat with my horse. She gives me the confidence that I need to be a good rider and is an effective coach. She is also a warm, caring person who will go the extra mile.

I am grateful for having found her. I also board my horse at JMac Dressage and I must say, it is one of the nicest and well run stables. I have had several horses and boarded my horses in many different barns while living in different locations. The setting and footing are superb and the care is excellent. The barn staff tailors the care and turnout to each horse.

I would recommend this farm highly and am very happy to be able to board there.

Kristine Brock

Since I have started riding with Jacqui Macdonald Cuddy, my horse (pony actually) has improved tremendously. I really enjoy the lessons and they are never the same. Jacqui doesn't hammer on one thing for lessons at a time, but changes it up which keeps me and my horse interested. It is a different approach to training and there is improvement with every lesson. She is always positive yet honest, who doesn't appreciate that?

- Cheryl R. Rhoden

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