The PRE Andalusian Smart blood Dressage Horse


The Andalusian Smart blood Dressage Horse

Andalusian Smartblood Why I love the Andalusian Horse is quite simple. Their super temperament and their train ability is in my opinion, outstanding.

These quality horses come with a special talent for collection, it is so easy for them. The movement is expressive and yet easy to sit to, which in my opinion, is what most adult amateurs are looking for. Everything seems to be easy for them.

Andalusian SmartbloodThese horses are very brave, not spooky. They have been carefully bred for centuries. Due in part to their incredible temperaments and their quick learning ability, you will see these horses perform in many movies. The best blood lines have been carried forward in order to produce the most desire able confirmation and athletic ability.

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Happy Riding!   - Jacqui


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World Equestrian Centre CDI 3

World Equestrian Centre CDI 3*
Thanks so much Susan Stickle Photography for these beautiful photos of Malcarat and I ❤️

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Update: Recargo recently made his Debut in the Grand Prix in Tampa. It was a fabulous beginning at this new level, scoring just under 66% to win the class. I’m feeling extremely proud of him, we have an exciting future ahead!

Original: Thanks again PRESTIGE ITALIA!
Rio (Recargo PI) and I absolutely love our new Prestige Philosophy saddle and not forgetting the donut girth which we have using for a couple of years now. Rio and I are getting ready to debut the Grand Prix very soon. He feels very happy, comfortable and is confidently executing the very difficult movements.
Feeling very grateful ❤️
I would like to send a huge thanks to Ann Sanders , Fit-RightSaddlery for taking very good care of all of our saddle fitter needs!

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Malcarat and I stayed in Wellington for back to back competitions. The first weekend was a National competition. We took second place on the first day in the Grand Prix and won first place on the Sunday with over 71%. The following weekend we competed in the CDI3*. We had a good ride in the Grand Prix but a few mistakes kept,us out of the placing. We went on to compete in the Grand Prix Freestyle where we took 5th place with over 67%.
I am so proud of Malcarat, he is such an over achiever, he tries his heart out at every outing. We are now looking forward to the up and coming Global Dressage Festival!
Thank you to my Sponsors, your products make a difference every day, my horses are happy and healthy.


Jacqui and Malcarat are COPA Big Tour Champions for 2017Jacqui and Malcarat are COPA Big Tour Champions for 2019!

We are absolutely delighted with this result! Thank you USPRE!

Congratulations to all competitors.

Another season of FEI competition for the PRE horses of USPRE has come to an end and USPRE is proud to present Jacqueline MacDonald and Malcarat as the BIG TOUR CHAMPION. Jacqui is also qualified for the USPRE Dressage Team for 2020.

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CDI3* Grand PrixThis was a wonderful end to the season in Wellington!

Malcarat and I took 6th place in the CDI3* Grand Prix and 7th in the Grand Prix Freestyle. 
He just loves the Award Ceremony! We are so proud of him..💕

Thanks to Susan Stickle for these fabulous photos.

A special thanks to our Sponsors!




So with two super rides, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle in the CDIW under my belt, I can now top it off with a very prestigious Award by the USPREA.
It is such an honor and privilege to receive this Award!!  I am very proud to have represented the Noble PRE Breed with our two special boys , Malcarat and Recargo PI and I will continue to help promote these phenomenal horses in the future. Thank you so much to USPRE for all of your support... I will always cherish this! Click here to read more.


8th Place in the CDIW Freestyle!I’m feeling very proud! 8th Place in the CDIW Freestyle!!!

We couldn’t be more proud of Malcarat and his performance in Friday Night Stars under the lights. We danced with our Freestyle in front of a super large crowd, even more special during the USPRE week. We held it together and had a clean test although tension was visible. I can’t wait for the next one!

We placed 8th with a 66-32% but forfeited it because I was late for the Award Ceremony!!! That won’t happen again, LOL! Thank you Charlotte Bredahl fur helping us pull it together! Thanks to Liam for all of his support before, during and after. Thanks as always to our Sponsors and show organizers! Click here to read more.


Malcarat and I in the Award Ceremony for the CDI 3* Grand Prix Freestyle.We Beat the Odds, Me and my PRE!

Malcarat and I in the Award Ceremony for the CDI 3* Grand Prix Freestyle.

These beautiful photos depict a dream that came true, a memory captured forever by Susan Stickle.

Thanks again for all of the loving support from Liam Cuddy, couldn’t have done any of it without you! Click here to read more.



Malcarat and Recargo PI took Reserve Champion and Champion in the COPA 2018 competition Both of our boys, Malcarat and Recargo PI took Reserve Champion and Champion in the COPA 2018 competition, which means both boys will be on the USPRE team for 2019!

Close to 25 riders declared for this year’s Copa, which is limited to the FEI levels only. However, in 2018, the majority of those who were able to meet the requirements of the contest did so in the most demanding levels and divisions in the sport. This year, five of our top finishers were riding the Grand Prix, three in the Adult Division, and two in the Youth Grand Prix division. Furthermore, most scores for these riders were earned in the International shows, with very competitive marks!

Visit the USPRE Website to read more.


beautiful surprise Portrait is of Bodion, owned by Michele and Retador, owned by SarahWe want to thank Sarah Gill D’Orazio, Michele Gougeon and Colleen O'connor-Dzik for this gorgeous gift!

This beautiful surprise Portrait is of Bodion, owned by Michele and Retador, owned by Sarah. We imported both of these wonderful Horses from Spain. Both of the them work with Colleen, their wonderful trainer.I am so touched by this, it will have pride of place in our home, thanks you lady’s I love it !


RISING STARS at Dressage Under The Oaks!RISING STARS at Dressage Under The Oaks!

We are very proud of our 4 wonderful PRE’s that competed this weekend. Lechino and I competed for the first time together . We made our way down the center line in the Grand Prix and knocked out a super scores of 67.6% and 69.2% , making our first qualifying score for the Championships. I am so fortunate and grateful to have him as my new partner, adding to my other fabulous mounts!
Rondeno SS ll also competed for the very first time . We competed in Third Level Test 1 and 3. He won his classes both days with 66% and 68%. I’m thrilled with how he handled everything!
Recargo competed in PSG and I1. He took second on Saturday with 64.9% and won the Intermediare 1 on Sunday with 63.97% ( still getting a little distracted at times) And Malcarat is growing with every performance. He scored 68.2% and 70.65 % winning the FEI High Point for the whole competition, I’m feeling a little proud... A huge thanks to Juanita Ferrusquia who groomed and braided all the horses for me, they were all beautifully turned out. If it wasn’t for my unsung Hero, Liam Cuddy, I could never have managed 4 rides each day in the summer heat. He took care of everything else for me, and tended to all of our needs , Horses and humans, even on Father’s Day! I really appreciate you, THANK YOU!!!

And to our Sponsors, I really feel that your products speak for themselves with how well our horses look and perform, Thanks again for your support!



NupafeedNupaFeed Becomes A Sponsor!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Nupafeed USA is now supporting us as a Sponsor. We are thrilled to receive this Sponsorship. Nutrition is a vital component for every Athlete, equine and human.

After realizing the benefit of Nupafeed Magnesium, I was already sold on the product.
If you receive comments in competition such as ‘Too much Tension’, this is your product.
Our PRE’s are over achievers, which often converts into tension.

It makes sense to me that if you can relax the muscle, the mind can relax, Malcarat is a fine example.
This product has already made a difference in our performance.

Visit the Nupafeed website for more information


Jacqui and Malcarat are COPA Big Tour Champions for 2017Jacqui and Malcarat are COPA Big Tour Champions for 2017!

We are absolutely delighted with this result! Thank you USPRE!

Congratulations to all competitors.

Jacqueline Cuddy and Malcarat completed a first year in the international circuit maintaining their lead in the country at the Grand Prix. We look forward to the coming year with this talented pair...

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Grand Prix ChampionshipsAs the USDF Competition Year comes to close for us at the Regional Championships, I am very happy to report that both Malcarat and Recargo PI did us very proud. It was a very rainy start to the show, all classes were cancelled on Thursday. With muddy and rainy conditions on Friday both of our boys took Fourth place in their warm up class, Grand Prix , 67.5% and PSG , 63.8%. Malcarat went on to place 8th, 64% in the Grand Prix Championships with 22 starters. We had a beautiful ride with a couple of expensive mistakes. Recargo did his first FEI Championship class, PSG, after only a few outings at this level. Our 8 year old PRE, imported by us a couple of years ago, finished 16th in a field of 37, with 65.52% with a couple of costly mistakes. Both classes were extremely competitive, our boys represented the PRE's very well. Thank you to all of our supporters/friends and to our staff who take care of everything in our absence. A special thanks as always to our Sponsors, NEWPORT HAY OF OCALA and CUSTOM SADDLERY, our horses Condition and performance speaks volumes for your products. #USPRE

CHOICE OF CHAMPIONSWe are absolutely delighted to announce that we have received a wonderful Sponsorship from CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS!!! We have been using their products for quite some time now and are proud to be an Ambassador for their products. They keep our horses Healthy, Happy and Sound.





Jacqueline Cuddy: USPRE Dressage Team Member Continues to Improve in 2017Jacqueline Cuddy: USPRE Dressage Team Member Continues to Improve in 2017
This past winter, USPRE Copa Champion and USPRE DressageTeam member Jacqueline Cuddy debuted her top-scoring national-level Grand Prix PRE Malcarat in the demanding International rings at Global Dressage. The pair are competing for Great Britain. With consistent scores in the mid-60s, the crowd-pleasing pair went home with many lessons learned. The experience in the big ring and continued top training has paid off in outstanding scores this spring and summer in the national show circuit in Florida. In April, at the Cinco de Mayo Dressage show, Jacqueline and Malcarat scored 71.6% in the Grand Prix and over 68% in the Special. In June at the Sun Coast Sunburn Classic II, the pair brought home a record-topping 75.5% at the Grand Prix, from judge Fran Dearing-Kehr!

Jacqueline is clearly focussed on the next International season, and bringing her lovely, talented Malcarat back to Wellington with winning on her mind!....Click Here To Read More!


COPA Grand Prix ChampionWhat a Year!!!

The 2016 competition year ended at the Dressage National Finals in Kentucky for us. We couldn't be prouder of Courtney O'Brien and her PRE Duque took First place in the PSG warm up class with over a 69%. Not in the ribbons for their Championship class , but it's onward and upward for the pair in 2017. Jacqui and Malcarat placed 7th in their Grand Prix Freestyle Championship , a strong finish to the year!

The pair finished their first year at Grand Prix with a number of Awards.

1. COPA Grand Prix Champion 
2. All Breeds Year End Grand Prix Freestyle Champion 
3. All Breeds Year End Grand Prix Reserve Champion
4. Placed 4th Region 3 Grand Prix Freestyle Championship 
5. Placed 9th Region 3 Grand Prix Championship 
6. Placed 7th Grand Prix Freestyle at the National Finals

With an exciting 2017 ahead , the pair will compete in CDI's.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters. Belinda Nairn for her outstanding coaching, the results speak for themselves! To our Sponsors, Custom Saddlery , Jacqui and Malcarat love their Wolfgang Matrix Saddle, Thank you! To Newport Hay, the condition of our horses speaks loud and clear, feeding Top Quality Hay helps to maintain Tip top Condition, Thank you !

To the team of people who support us in every way. From moral support to those taking care of the farm and our beloved animals in our absence, thank you !

A special mention to Donna and Shakeel Akhtar and Patty and Wayne Youngquist, your extraordinary support is always appreciated, thank you!

Last but not least, a special Thank you to Balado who is very responsible for Jacqui and Malcarats success. Balado allowed Jacqui to learn everything in the Grand Prix , allowed her to make her mistakes so that her and Malcarat could have an easy transition into this very difficult level....he deserves the credit!!!


June 2016 - Sunburn Classic 1 &11, Tampa
We posted our highest scores to date. Both horses are now qualified for Regional Championships.
Malcarat won his class both days, with only his second time out performing his GP Freestyle he posted 71.12% on Saturday and went on to rock a 76.50% today!
Recargo took second place on Saturday in Third 3 with 67.46% and went on to produce a 75.12% today, taking Third level High point! We are over the moon with our boys performances. A huge Thank You goes out to Belinda Nairn for her brilliant coaching!!!
A special thanks as always to the team of people that take care of everything on the farm when we are's always appreciated. Thanks to our Sponsors, Newport Hay of Ocala and Custom Saddlery, we really appreciate your support.


March 22, 2016 - SPRE Dressage Team Member Jacqueline Cuddy and Malcarat Power On at the Grand Prix
At USPRE Week in Wellington in January, Jacqueline Cuddy debuted her 12 year old PRE gelding Malcarat in their first public performance of their new Grand Prix freestyle. The horse, green and a bit tense at times, showed great promise and ability in all the Grand Prix movements, to the delight of all who were there. Since then, the pair has had a stellar rise in scores, posting 68.8 at the Wellington Sunshine Classic, and 69.4 and 70.4 at the Florida Dressage Concours....Click Here To Read More!


Victory! Competition Results - March 12th and 13th 2016
Malcarat and Jacqui scored a great victory at Concours 1 and II in Venice, Fl with scores of 70.40 % and 69.40%.  Recargo, our 7 year old PRE also impressed everyone by winning both his Third Level classes with 66.25% and 66.40% at his first show.  He will be joining Malcarat  at the Regional Championships in Atlanta after obtaining the qualifying scores!...Click Here To Read More!




February 2016 - Copa USPRE Winner Jacqueline Cuddy Takes Malcarat to Grand Prix
With a stable full of top-quality PREs, USPRE member Jacqueline Cuddy has become one of the country’s most competitive riders of PREs in the FEI national levels. Jacqui, from Ocala, Florida where she manages JMac Dressage with her husband Liam, became involved in the USPRE dressage initiatives immediately after joining the association. Her success is well-documented. She has been a USDF All Breeds winner, a multiple High Point winner, and a steady Copa USPRE/Dressage Team member since the inception of the program. With the assistance of her trainer, Belinda Nairn, Jacqui has progressively moved several horses up through the FEI levels...Click Here To Read More!

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