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The Smartblood Andalusian Dressage Horse

Dressage horse and RiderWhy I love the Andalusian Horse is quite simple. Their super temperament and their train ability is in my opinion, outstanding.

Very soon after I had begun to train two Andalusian Stallions I quickly found myself quite puzzled as to why these wonderful horses were not abundant in the dressage competition arena.

Until then, I had very little knowledge about the breed , knowing only that the baroque horses were used in the bull fighting arena and military dressage. It was also noted by many that these baroque horses could not move as well as the modern warmbloods . How surprised was I.

I realized that these quality horses came with a special talent for collection, it was so easy for them. The movement is expressive and yet easy to sit to, which in my opinion, is what most adult amateurs are looking for. Everything seems to be easy for them.

The modern Andalusian is a refined, Smart horse, now known as "The SmartBlood Horse". He is elegant with a keen sense to please his rider. This combined with our careful selection program and the very strict breeding code, upheld by the Spanish Stud Book, has produced a very top quality, sporty and safe Dressage horse.

After having the opportunity to ride an abundance of the Andalusian SmartBloods during several buying trips to Spain, I have selected horses for myself to compete with and could not be more delighted with their train ability.

These horses are very brave, not spooky. They have been carefully bred for centuries. Due to their incredible temperaments and their quick learning ability, you will see these horses perform in many movies. The best blood lines have been carried forward in order to produce the most desire able confirmation and athletic ability.

After decades of teaching adult amateurs, I have come across more cases of people buying so much horse, awesome moving warmbloods , but they struggle to ride the big movement. This is very frustrating for any owner who has a desire to compete. For those who want to enjoy the sport, putting the fun back into it, you may want to consider an Andalusian for your next equine partner.

Dressage HorseThe most well bred Andalusians are not so easy to find, but after much research and many trips later, I was lucky enough to visit some of the best. Some of the horses were the sport horse type while others were more Baroque. There are definitely fantastic choices for everyone.

We specialize in finding the best quality upper level dressage partner, "The SmartBlood Horse". My belief in this horse has turned my focus in the direction of the Andalusian SmartBlood Horse. With correct training, these horses will rival any other breed in the competition arena, as declared by the editor of the Dressage Today magazine , the wave of change is coming, this Baroque breed will soon dominate the US dressage world.

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